Discovery of self is more than knowing your likes and dislikes

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Are there days where you wonder what the purpose of life is? Sometimes life feels like a wheel: spinning endlessly taking us nowhere in particular. In those moments do you wish there was something that made this whole ordeal at least mean something? If there was something that would create a sense of achievement? Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist came up with a hierarchy of needs theory where self-actualization was at the top of the pyramid. It can also be called Personal Development.

Personal development is a destination to a journey an individual embarks filled with more than a few…

It’s not you, it’s Dopamine!

A humourous picture showing two hormones, Serontonin and Dopamine saying : Technically the only two things you enjoy.
A humourous picture showing two hormones, Serontonin and Dopamine saying : Technically the only two things you enjoy.
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Ever experienced that sudden jolt of energy after eating that last cake slice? Getting complimented on your charismatic personality? Or doing a 30-minute cardio workout after a very stressful day?

It’s not you, it’s Dopamine!

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has the key to our happiness. It is a chemical that is responsible to track our brain’s reward and pleasure centers. It does so by transmitting signals between nerve cells called neurons to the brain. Dopamine enables you to feel pleasure, have a sense of reward, and thus motivate you to act a certain way.

Deadline is a scary word. The sound of it can make you nervous and get your heart pumping. In this fast-paced world, deadlines have become an integral part of our daily lives. However, in order to make your deadlines not ‘deadly’ here are five steps that I have been using religiously to optimize my performance as a Social Entrepreneur running a mental health platform for three years:

1. Break your Tasks

The first step to get work done is to divide it into parts. …

They say waking up every morning is a struggle, keeping your body in shape is a struggle, having a perfect diet is a struggle; but very few try to understand where is it all stemming from.

Fortunately, people have realized that they and other people may suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety, but unfortunately, the people who have realized that are very limited.

With the ongoing pandemic, talking about mental health has significantly increased but even during the current global crisis, people are hesitant to seek help or talk openly about it.

Globally it’s estimated that close to 300…

Life isn’t all about goals and achievements, it’s much more than that.

That’s me on a vacation to Istanbul, Turkey (Nov, 2020). P.s I had my mask in my pocket. :D

2020 taught me a lot. 🔥 ⠀

I started the year guns blazing like everyone else did, believing that it is going to be MY year. I laid out all my ambitious goals as an entrepreneur for my mental health company and personal goals that I was determined to achieve.⠀
It DID turn out to be MY YEAR. Just in an unconventional way. 😅⠀

My top 3 takeaways were understanding the importance of: ⠀

⭐️ prioritizing yourself, and consciously thinking about it. ⠀
⭐️ nurturing healthy relationships…

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Our emphasis on ignoring our emotional health can have severe consequences for our physical health. The mind and the body are connected in the most magnificent ways and our lack of understanding of the relationship between them makes us negate the importance of one, i.e. our mental/emotional wellbeing, and focus instead on the other, our physical health.

But these two are connected.

For example, if you have a panic attack, there’s a surge of hormones your body experiences with adrenaline, cortisol, and immune-system activity. This is an explosive mix for your heart because if that arousal happens too often (people…

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Life is too busy nowadays, isn’t it? Whether it’s school, work, or any other job, it seems like there’s just too much on our plates and too little time on our hands. Sometimes weeks go by when we realize that we haven’t taken a break as simple as going out for a walk. In this process of being solely driven by ambition for work, an individual can lose connection with themselves.

There comes a time when there is a huge gap between who a person is and what they’ve always wanted to become. …

We see the term Gaslighting/Gaslit getting used a lot in mainstream media right now. But, what exactly is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity. It makes you question your own judgment or reality if you are a victim of Gaslighting.

To understand this better let’s take an example of two friends, Barney and Ted, Barney made a comment that hurt Ted’s feelings and he tells Barney, but Barney responds by saying I wasn’t being rude you are being sensitive.

These are mundane examples that don’t seem to matter in a bigger picture…

The digital age has given rise to new sets of opportunities for people. You can get a job as managing some company’s social media platforms by promoting and responding to consumer inquires. That’s just one of them, there are just so many more job titles created by this new phenomenon.

But one of them that is the most striking to me especially because it resonates with young people so much is the job of influencers.

And, I’m talking about your non-celebrity, regular-next-door-neighbor-turned-into influencer type people.

During my university years, many of my friends followed people on their Instagram accounts and…

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